Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spilling the Blood of Blood Elves...

As for PvP stories from the weekend, I owned a level 65 Undead Warlock on my level 62 Human Mage a few times. It was a combination of this guy being a horrible Warlock and my new Frost spec is great against the DoTs.

My brother and I were in Hellfire Penninsula on our level 62 Human Mages when we saw three level 60 Blood Elves. They consisted of a Paladin, Mage, & Hunter. The Hunter was the closest when *he* started the fight, so I did my Water Ele > Frost Bolt > Ranged Frost Nova, while my brother just spammed his "Death Macro", as he calls it. The macro just consist of PoM > Arcane Power > Pyro, but that plus my ranged Frost Nova / Bolt combo was enough to down the hunter before the Paladin could heal.

We were able to instantly turn the fight into a 2 v 2. I figured they had the upper hand with the Paladin, but we ended up victorious with a Sheep on the Paladin, and a Counter Spell on the Mage's Polymorph.

It was nice getting to PvP against the new Horde race. I am going to miss my Improved Counter Spell against all the new Horde Paladins since it was the perfect way to prevent Divine Intervention (a.k.a. "the bubble")