Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Slow Night...

I didn't get to play much last night due to work issues; however, I did get to make my first Outland 5-man instance run.

The instance is called "Hellfire Citadel" (HC), and it's located directly in the center of Hellfire Peninsula. This instance is great for Mages, Rogues, & Warlocks because of the Humanoid / Demon mobs that can be Sheeped, Sapped, or Banished.

Our group consisted of (2) Frost Mages, (1) Warlock, (1) Warrior, and (1) Priest. This class make-up worked great because we were able to double sheep and stack Winter's Chill on the same target.

There were no cloth drops at all, unless you count the +32 stamina green back piece.
The stamina was an upgrade over my back piece, but I'm all about +damage since I'm a Mage.

Not that we had a bad tank, but I have to mention that Frost Block is the answer to horrible tanks. I can't count the times I died as a fire Mage because the tank couldn't regain aggro (I would only scorch, and I had Burning Soul, so I wasn't generating that much threat).

That's about all that happened last night, and since I'll be at work for the next 26 hours, yes that's right, I said twenty six, I won't be able to play.

I know you all like to get your PvP story fix, so please head over to BRK's blog for a nice Moonkin Revenge story...
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    Excaliber1 said...

    Ohh dude that sucks u have to work so long :(, and sucks that there arnt very good cloth drops in that HC instance =/..oh well least ur 60 and have TBC and can enjoy it whenever u have some spare time! Hope you're enjoying it!

    Keystone said...

    I did sneak away for a couple of hours to play WoW, even thou I had to drive 30 minutes to and from work in the snow.

    I can't decide if I'm going to pass out when I get home or chug some caffiene and hit 61...