Monday, February 5, 2007

PvP: Tip of the Day

I'm going to start a segment consisting of simple tips, mostly pertaining to PvP.

This idea came to me last night after I put Judgement of Justice on an Undead Rogue, then I stunned him and took off running since I was almost dead when he initiated the attack (go figure).

As soon as the Rogue came out of stun he hit Sprint to try and catch me, but this Rogue obviously doesn't keep up with the patch notes, or anything to do with the Paladin class for that matter.

So, hence forth, today's PvP tip is *DO NOT* use any speed enhancements of any kind after a Paladin has Judged you with Justice (the golden fist with the circle around it) as they will not work.

The Judgement of Justice (rank 2) does *NOT* slow you down, but it *DOES* keep you from increasing your speed with any sort of enhancements, and yes, this includes sprint.