Monday, January 15, 2007

No Death Penalty = No QQ?

I flew to Felwood to help a level 57 Night Elf Druid friend. I went on my 60 Mage to help him kill quest mobs for faster quest completion. While I was there I wondered away from him for a bit and found two horde on the road.

These two consisted of a level 52 Orc Hunter & 50 Undead Warlock. I figured it would be a good fight since both of their classes have the upper hand on a Mage, so it wasn't a total gank. I proceeded to score a lucky crit on the hunter and practically one-shotted him, then I dance with the Warlock a bit and end up killing him / her.

I /bowed to them both and mounted up and went on my merry way (I don't corpse camp, it's not my thing). Then, about 5 mins later, I receive a /tell from a level 19 Human Paladin, obviously the Warlock, complaining to me about how I'm a horrible PvP'er for letting the two of them get me to 50% health.

Now I could have gone into explicit detail about how I'm arcane specced and I have half ass gear with low stamina, but I thought it wasn't worth it. So I just told the lock "good fight" and left it at that. Well this Warlock must have been on the rag, because he / she would not let it drop and continued on and on about the ordeal.

I was fed up and told her that it *IS* a PvP server and that there is *NO* death penalty except for the 30 second corpse run, and of course I added the ever controversial, "Less QQ, more Pew Pew". ^^

To bring this post to a close, and a point, do you think some people overreact to death in this game, and do you think some of these people have never experienced a game with much harsher death penalties? I come from UO, so I don't worry about death in WoW...

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