Thursday, January 11, 2007

Idea: Class Respecs

This idea probably wouldn't sit well with Blizzard since it has the potential to reduce the life expectancy of the game for a player. If a player could change classes for a fee instead of rerolling, then they could experience all the classes faster, thus ending rerolls, and maybe even subscriptions.

The idea is to allow someone to respec the class of one of their characters for some sort of fee. The price would have to be high to prevent constant class changes throughout the community. I would suggest the price even be something like 29.99 usd.

I would like this idea since I have a level 60 paladin that could gag a maggot with the dust he's collected from not being played. I know I can just as easily reroll to any class I want, but I hate to see the 60 levels I put into him go to waist...

Anyways, that's just a random idea that I had, and as for the paladin, he has been replaced with a human warlock.

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