Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm in love... with the frost tree!

That's right folks, I respecced last night to 51 frost. To give you an idea of the awesomeness that is the Frost Mage, let me run your through my first PvP encounter as my new cold spec, brrrr.

I hit an AB match right away to look for the first horde I could find. I quickly spotted an Orc Hunter and proceeded to intercept him; I blink into the Hunter and Frost Nova, he quickly Scatter Shots me.

I happen to come out of Scatter Shot before the Frost Nova wears off, I then Cone of Cold > Fireblast > Summon Water Ele > Ice Block...

My Water Elemental is pounding this Hunter for 500 damage Frostbolts while I'm Ice Blocked and waiting for my CoC & Fireblast cooldowns to expire. I imediately have the Water Elemental freeze the hunter right as I come out of Ice Block and I cast Cone of Cold > Fireblast.


I solo'd the Marksmen Orc Hunter and had 90% health & 80% mana left, crazy... huh?

Anyone out there have some other strategies for a Frost Mage?

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