Friday, January 26, 2007

Thoughts on PvP Rewards...

Before I give my opinion on the current system of PvP rewards, I would like to tell you about something that recently happened to me.

I was at "The Stadium" in Hellfire Peninsula the other night with some Alliance friends trying to help them get a few kills for PvP marks. Our whole group bit the dust to a few level 70 horde and I took the ol' "auto-run" back to corpse method. By the time I ressed, my whole team had moved to the other capture point.

I was about to res when I saw a level 64 Orc Rogue around my corpse, so I moved into distance, ressed, then sheeped. I casted my Frost Armor, Ice Barrier, Bandaged, Evocation, then he came out of sheep and vanished. I start to Rank 1 Arcane Explosion to reveal him, but no luck.

To make a long story short, the fight was underway between me and this rogue when a level 70 Human Mage drops from the sky and wails on this rogue that I was in the process of beating.

I think to myself, "that's cool, he flew down to save the day, even thou I didn't need saving". I gave him an obsolete "thank you", and he returned with a, "stfu noob, and stop stealing marks from people that do 80% of the damage!"

Ok, what did he just say? Is this guy retarded? This person dropped out of the sky into MY fight and basically tried to take the mark from me, but he was pissed that I did the killing blow and received the mark?

I don't care about the marks, I enjoy the competition from PvP and the challenge of a human opponent. I saw this guy was part of a mega-guild on the server and it made more sense. I'm not trying to stereotype, but most of the mega-guild people I meet have a very arrogant attitude.

I like the idea that Blizzard is trying to reward PvP players for their non-raiding agendas, but I don't like that it breeds an unhealthy competition between faction members. This guy is Alliance, and I'm Alliance, there should be no tension about who gets the kill.

I'd like to see a minor change to where anyone that did damage would get a PvP mark, but I know this would be hard because of the exploit possibilities, but just make a level requirement or something.

Oh, and I haven't forgot the screenshots, they're coming! I promise!!!


Excaliber1 said...

Heh, yeah theres no way in hell that anyone will not come across some a-holes in wow, whether competing for drops, pvp, etc. I hate it when people, the people on the same side you are on, act like such jerks.

If, your steryotype is correct,and mega guilds tend to harbor snobbish players, then I must make a steryotype of my own that these snobbish players have no life, and if so, no job ;)

Anonymous said...
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