Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

The new year is upon us, and it's only a short time till the expansion.

I've been reading a lot about avoiding the PvP equipment upgrades since they'll be replaced when the expansion comes out. My thoughts on that would be, if it's an upgrade, then why pass it up at all? At level 20 did you not upgrade your level 5 equipment because you'll be level 30 eventually? My point is, gearing out your character is a journey, not a destination.

Play the game, have fun, and upgrade as you play. On that same note, I wouldn't recommend grinding your life away to PvP to achieve the entire set, because it is true, that it will be replaced shortly after the expansion. The word on the street is that the PvP weps will last you the longest.

I myself am only upgrading two pieces of equipment with PvP gear and that's the Chest & Shoulders. I picked these two for upgrades because, A) I have horrid equipment in those slots right now, and B) The Robe & Shoulders are the most visible equipment, so while I may not technically 'be' geared out, I'll at least look like I am ^^

Any thoughts on PvP gear? Has anyone heard about, or has seen the level 70 PvP rewards?

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