Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attack of the Flying Mage!!!

I really didn't care too much for the thought of flying mounts; I recall the let down of flying classes I've played before in games like Anarchy Online & Shadowbane.

That all changed last night...

I was running to Hellfire Ramparts to meet with my group. I was almost there when I noticed all their bars suddenly greyed out with the soon-to-follow cries of, "Stupid level 70 Mage".

I'm anxious to try a Counter Spell > Sheep combo on this sucker, so I run to where my group just died on top of the bridge leading to Ramparts. I look around and see nothing but dead corpses.

I think to myself, "Hrmm, he couldn't have gone far...", but then I heard something, something I haven't heard before in the world of Azeroth. I slowley turned around to see an Undead Mage gently hovering in the air next to the bridge.

The Undead Mage slowley lowered himself to the ground to dismount and immidiately started a Polymorph cast. Still being stunned by the intimidation of the flying beast, all I could think to do was turn and blink into the instance.

...I want a flying mount!

I've since been wondering where this will lead PvP and what elements will we soon start to see with the new variable of flying mounts added into the equation?

Just for information purposes, it's something like 1,000g for a regular flying mount and 5,000g for an epic one.

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Excaliber1 said...

that be so cool if people could fight when their on their flying mounts, will never happen, but imagine a level 70 horde tumbling from his mound thats 500 feet in the air, all you see is a body falling..falling..falling.......

THUD XD that would make my day!!!!