Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mage: Update

I have obtained the Field Marshal's robe for Keystone, and I'm only 3k honor away from the shoulders. I'm going to stop the PvP grind after those two items and concentrate on leveling.

I'm torn between specs thou. I'm pretty much tired of "Slow" and the Arcane tree in general. I was thinking about going Frost since I've never really tried it, but I saw a PvP video from Chopstik (Kalecgos server) and it made fire look pretty nifty, although he has engineering to make up for the lack of Improved Counterspell and the Zanelorian Hero Charm to make up for the lack of Arcane Power.

I am a damage monger and I have no problem surviving with a non-frost spec, since I am the world's best kite'r. I will turn and run at the sign of a loss or the sign of being outnumbered, and I usually live to eat / drink. I see a lot of mages just standing there while they get beat on and they complain about survival...? Duh!

I'm 99.8% positive that I'll be respeccing to a 51 point fire build tonight.
When I get home from work I'll post a link to the PvP and my soon-to-be fire spec.

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