Friday, January 5, 2007

Idea: Player Killing in WoW

The thing I miss the most from Ultima Online is the Player Killing. For those of you that did not play UO, this did not mean attacking your sworn enemy in a very consensual, no-death penalty setting. In Ultima Online you could attack your fellow players whenever, save the UO:R instant guard kills.

This game feature actually made for a friendlier environment, at least on the Siege Perilous server where you could only have ONE character, and that was your ONLY persona; to become an outcast dickhead without friends was horrid because you couldn't just log on an alt to make new ones.

All this brings me to my idea for World of Warcraft, a feature that allows for players to attack their own faction members within a murderer system. The system could be, numbers subject to change, three kills would turn a player into a murderer, which at that point they would be unable to communicate with their own faction, but would be able to communicate with 'other' murderers... even opposite faction murderers. A vision of Gnomes and Taurens holding hands over a corpse comes to mind...

This would, in a sense, add a third faction to the game. These murderers would be able to communicate with each other only, and would have their own outpost and towns.

The murder counts you gain from killing your own faction would deteriorate over time. This way, you could squeeze in a kill on that jackass that ninja'd the item you've been waiting for without becoming a murderer.

This is just something I thought of to improve the world PvP, since murderers would be out in the world looking for people.

What about you, do you have any ideas to improve PvP, or some other element in World of Warcraft?


Excaliber1 said...

actually that does sound like a good idea. However, it would only be on pvp servers =(. Also, if you wanted to atk someone from your own faction, how would you do that if they arn't flagged? hmm..right click on them....i wonder..

Keystone said...

Yes, you're right about it only applying to PvP servers, since the PvE servers general idea is consensual PvP.

On that 'consensual' note, the system would allow for open attack against any same-faction player at any time outside of the guards.

The thing stopping the player would be a penalty system in which the person would become hunted by other players for taking the dark path of becoming a murderer.

The current system does not allow for people to make the choice to become bad, instead it just has a programmed game mechanic that doesn't allow you the option. I would like the option w/ penalty and/or reward for said choice.