Monday, January 22, 2007

WTS lvl 60 Paladin!!!

I logged on my Paladin this weekend to help a friend in STV. I haven't played my Paladin in ages, so I had no clue what I was doing, but it still doesn't excuse the following event...

I wonder off for a second and a Blood Elf Mage kills my Night Elf Druid friend, so I mount up and intercept the Mage. The Belf Mage blinks away and I use Avenger Shield to slow her down, she then ice blocks. Her blink won't be ready till a few seconds after the block, and I know this so I move in for the stun and she cancels Ice Block and Frost Novas me at a distance and runs until blink is ready. *sigh*

She makes it past the guards with 3% health and I yell out in frustration. I start to drink to regain the mana lost during the chase, but before I finish, here she comes with a low level Belf Hunter & Belf Paladin.

To make a long disgusting story short, these three were able to kite my level 60 Dwarf Paladin to death. I logged off and swore never to log on a melee class again, because chasing people down is not my thing.

I jumped on my Human Mage and headed to STV; I only found the Belf Hunter, so I kill him a couple times to take out my Paladin frustration. After the second time, he doesn't res. I think to myself, "ooo, maybe he's getting his main so we can have a real fight".

I was right, before I knew it there was a level 61 Tauren Druid charging me in Bear Form. I immidiately blink out of the stun, then I Frost Nova > Cone of Cold > Fireblast > Water Ele > Ice Block > Rinse & Repeat.

**note** My Water Ele is broke and won't cast his "Freeze" spell.

I easily take this Druid down and decide it was time to move on and forget the stupid Paladin ordeal. This is why I would love to see class respecs.