Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To Tailor or Not, That is the Question?

I'm contemplating dropping a profession on my level 70 Human Mage (Keystone) for Tailoring. I currently have Alchemy & Herbalism, both of which I enjoy. I am pretty much finished with raiding since I've been through that grind at 60 and I didn't enjoy the experience.

I figure there's only a few ways to get high quality gear, such as epics. The first option would be to start raiding with my guild, and my schedule won't allow for that. The second way is similar to the first, and that's by running heroics. To me it's just as time consuming as raiding, even if it's not with a large group of organized players, it's still a difficult task that requires planning and PvE effort.

The third way would be through PvP; the new arena system offers high quality equipment, and the BG equipment isn't that bad either. As the title of my blog imposes, I love to PvP. This seems the most attractive choice, but I would need to find some decent, active players for an arena team.

The last option is through Tailoring. There is a 3 piece set (BoP) that is epic quality with very nice stats. The problem is that it's only a 3 piece set, and from my search of the Internet last night I could not find any other epic quality BoP items that required Tailoring. The Spellstrike 2-piece set of head & legs can be worn by anyone since it's BoE, but it requires 350 Tailoring to receive the set bonus.

So it looks like I only miss out on 3 epics by not taking tailoring. I don't know if it's worth the grind from 0-375 for that. I would like to diversify my ways of achieving epics. Since I listed 4 methods, and the first two are out of the question, that leaves PvP & Tailoring.

Now my question to you, the readers... which skill would you drop to pick up Tailoring.... Alchemy or Herbalism?


Isthla said...

Isthla has tailoring, not that it matters...

Anyways, Murmur is the 4th boss, not the third. The third boss is an orc who I can't remember the name of. He summons voidwalkers to heal him. Murmur is an ethereal I think.

Sylvina Solaris said...

Take into consideration a LOT of those epic patterns and such drop in Heroics & Raids... so... it's not worth it. Stick with Alchemy for non-arena PvP, and Herbalism to keep your pockets full of cash and your potions made. Switching professions based on the BoP gear/set bonuses you can get is B-A-D. BAD.

Think of it this way:

You get those awesome 3 pieces, then a patch down the road, or maybe during Arena Season 2, BETTER stuff is out than the tailoring stuff. The General Forums are filled with Tailor QQs, and you're sitting there pissed off that you dropped a profession to get these items and now they're not as good.

Also, regardless of what Blizzard says, my gut feeling is that raiders will ALWAYS have better gear than PvPers. The only way I can see this being different, is that with each PvP season more buffed up gear is released to match up with where blizzard feels raids should be progressing. Then, you have issues with balancing PvP/PvE, etc. etc. and in general, it just won't ever work out.

In short, focus on doing what's fun, don't change professions for gear, gear is ALWAYS replaced by something better, potions, trinkets, etc. usually aren't as easy to replace.

Anonymous said...

My vote is Alchemy. You can always find a friend/guildmate to process your herbs for cheap/free but those herbs at 250+ get pretty expensive.

My secondary vote is, level alts! Have all professions! Have it all! ;)

WoWGrrl player blog

Keystone said...

Thanks for all the tips. I think I'll stick with Alchemy & Herbalism for now. I started an arena team and I think it could be a way, along with BG's, to some decent equipment.

If I get my Druid up to 70 (currently 53) then I'll take herbalism on him and drop it on Keystone for Tailoring.