Friday, May 25, 2007


I dueled an Arcane Fire Mage from my guild last night, and he was pretty confident he would win. I beat him the first time, and he asked for another duel, but wanted to wait for cooldowns. This was a thankful reminder of why I don't miss the Arcane Tree. I'm not saying Frost is not cooldown dependant, but I can still win fights without my Water Elemental & Ice Block.

We ended up dueling 5+ times, I lost count, but I won every duel. He said he was going to respec Frost, but I don't know if he was being facetious or not.

I noticed a cloth armor set that has the bonus of 20% extra damage to Arcane Blast. I wonder if that would be viable in any sort of PvP (keep in mind it increases the mana by 20% also).

I also dueled a Shadow Priest from the guild, and he won 2/5 duels. I notice Shadow Priest are hard to beat without Ice Block, but it's definitely do-able. I gave him some tips on beating Frost Mages when he complained about the Water Elemental, I told him to save his Fear and use it when the Water Ele spawns, since it's his only way of "locking" down the Ele.

I would like to thank Blizzard for taking another feature from the mod world, and that would be the ability to dismount by casting a spell. This is something that was long overdue, and I'm glad it's now default stuff. I wish casting a spell would cancel Ice Block, this would make Counter-Spelling a Warlock's Banish spell much easier. Warlocks ALWAYS go to Banish the Elemental right after you Ice Block, and I can usually cancel the Ice Block and Counter-Spell in time, which usually means a win. Sometimes I'm not fast enough though, maybe I need a macro! ^^

Alright, I've rambled enough. I'm now just waiting for the work email telling us to go home early for the holiday weekend! I'm going to grill out, drink beer, and play WoW all weekend! Ahh, good times! I hope everyone has a great weekend, see you all Tuesday!

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