Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Weekend

I had a three day weekend due to Memorial Day, so I had planned to play WoW for the entire weekend, but that didn't go so well.

My dog of 10 years died Saturday morning, and my nephew that was visiting severely clogged the toilet in my new home. So between digging a hole in my back yard, funeral services, & pretending I was a plumber... I didn't get much WoW time.

I did play some, and it was mostly running people through VC on my level 60 Protection Paladin. I also convinced my brother to respec Frost on his level 70 Human Mage. We dueled immediately afterwards, and he came closer to beating me than he ever has, so he was hooked.

I have decided not to pursue Tailoring, since I can get decent gear from PvP. I know the gear won't be as good as raiding gear, but it has enough Stamina & Resilience to be competitive against other players.

I plan to run AB with a pre-made tonight, but getting my plumbing fixed so I can shower is #1 on my priority list at the movement. I'll update tomorrow if I get in WoW time in tonight, cross your fingers! ^^

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