Friday, May 18, 2007

Reserved Spot for Isthla's Pics

This post is being reserved for Isthla's pics of Keystone. The pics will be up here shortly; check back again soon. ^^


Isthla said...

Just checking up on the post...:)

Were the shots of Isthla up to your standards, or would you like some more?

Isthla said...


Isthla's bored...she's got to save for epic flying and is 4500g exciting >.<

Keystone said...

Isthla, those shots were awesome!!! You are by far the prettiest Night Elf from Darnassus to Nagrand!

I took some shots of Keystone, but I forgot to email the pictures to work so I could post them today... D'oh! >.<

I will have to post them from home tonight.

Keystone said...
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