Friday, May 11, 2007

FFA Server Solution...

WoWInsider posted a Breakfast Topic about FFA servers. (
I wanted to share my reply to the post here...

"World of Warcraft is my 19th MMO, and I've always played on the PvP servers of every game I've played (FFA if they had them).

You would be surprised at how well behaved people are on a FFA server, there just isn't room for idiots to misbehave.The reason people act stupid is because there is no repercussion for it, but when players are able to police their own actions, a level of conformity takes place.

I posted an idea on my blog awhile back about a PK system. This system would allow players to attack their own faction members, but only up to 5 times before becoming "red", aka a murderer.Upon becoming "red" you could no longer communicate with your own faction as they would be enemies to you, but you could however, communicate with other "red" players, regardless of their faction. Alliance & Horde murderers grouping together.

There would be a few outpost placed in the world for "red" players to bank & commerce, but this would in a sense create a 3rd faction.To allow random players that want to rid themselves of a ninja, or avenge a fellow player, the "murder counts" would expire after 40 hours of game play. So as long as someone didn't go on a murderous rampage, they could still participate in a random justice kill.

I'm sure old gamers already recognize this system from Ultima Online, but I found the system worked well. The murderers banded together just as the "blues" aka non-murderers did.I think a server like this would allow people the FFA server they want, but restricting chaos by enforcing consequences for attacking your own faction."


Sylvina Solaris said...

The unfortunate thing is, Blizzard just doesn't want to create that sort of a faction, or that sort of a 'niche' server, It took them a year just to invent a PvP Server with the RP tag on it. They also don't want to be bothered with creating new game mechanics for a specific server. If such a thing were ever to occur, RP servers would cry out in the need of more RP server related tools and events, etc.

It's a great idea, but for as massive as WoW is, and with as much QQ there is, I just can't see it as ever being a possibility unfortunately.

Side-Note: Thanks for commenting about the mace, I'm doing some considering, and it looks like I'll have to do some gear research after 2.1 goes live.

Keystone said...

I agree with you that it would never happen, but it's sure fun to imagine!

I guess I just miss my old UO days when MMO's were new to me, and they seemed to emulate life more-so than today's choices.

I remember the day I paid an exorbitant amount of money for the smallest house in the game (UO) just because it was located in the most popular play-ran town. I moved all my things in, but soon found out that murderers tend to run rampant through the streets looking for tourist to kill.

I was walking to my house one evening after moving in, and a band of hooligans started to attack me. Knowing I would be unable to get past them to my house, I turned and ran for the local pizzeria. I made it inside the shop, and luckily the owner, "Luigi", was there to ban the heathens from the pizzeria. I was safe, for the time being.

It's those movements I would like to occur in WoW, but the most entertaining stories are all gear/pvp based.

Alas, you're right in your assessment of my theory, and it would never make it into WoW.

Sylvina Solaris said...

I REALLY am upset I missed out on the days of UO. I was a young unemployed kid, and my father thought the idea of a monthly fee for a videogame was the dumbest idea ever, and so I never got a taste of that 'player ran content' and the 'sandboxish roleplaying experiences'...

I don't blame you for wanting WoW to be like that. I'd kill for WoW to be like that. But blizzard seems to set on it's ways, and honestly, I think it's some sort of safety precaution for when WoW flops and Warcraft 4 the RTS game is released. They want absolute control over their storyline and characters and don't want players interfering with anything or to 'lessen' anything by turning it into a raid boss IE. Illidan Escaping.

Isthla said...

Heh, I enjoyed taking the pictures, it was fun. I went crazy with the shots. Just randomly took them. :)

Mmhmm...alot of people seem to think they look rather good on Isthla as well. ^^

I would love to see Keystone in his formal clothes! I'll be looking forward to that picture.