Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Invisibility & Ice Lance... oh my!

I'm now level 68, and I have both Ice Lance (66) and Invisibility (68). I wanted to share my thoughts on the two spells...

I'll start with Ice Lance since I did get it earlier at level 66; the spell is instant cast, about 144 mana, and does roughly 250 dmg (with my modifiers). The niche to this spell is that it does 3x damage on frozen targets, and if you stack that with a Frost Mage's typical 50% chance to crit on frozen targets... my Ice Lance is doing upwards of 1600 damage crits on Frozen Targets.

That's a whole lotta damage for only 144 mana, and instant cast! Also, another nice thing about Ice Lance is that it stacks up the talent "Winter's Chill" on the target, making it easier than ever to get the debuff stacked 5x on a target (5x = 10% crit bonus)

On to Invisibility... I must admit at first I was skeptical of the spell since I didn't see any initial use, but boy was I wrong! You know how Rogues & Hunters can Vanish / Feign Death when things go bad in an instance...? Well you can now add Mages to that category too! This weekend I had a lackluster group of some mediocre players and we kept wiping. Well, after a few times of this I decided I wasn't going to take another death, so once we lost the tank & healer, I Frost Nova'd the group of mobs and Blinked away. I then cast Invisibility (takes 5 seconds of not getting hit, but you can move around during this time, as it's instant cast) and I keep moving away from the mobs while I waited for the Invis to kick in, and *Poof* I'm gone! The mobs stopped targeting me, and I was out of combat.

I wish I add engineering to attempt a Goblin Jumper Cable res, but I can't live without my Alchemy. ^^

Also, as for PvP, with the Arcane talent Improved Counter-Spell, you can get away from almost anyone. For example, imagine that you're tired and here comes that pesky Shaman, and you don't feel like fighting. As he is approaching, just use Counter-Spell and silence him for 4 seconds, then immediately cast Polymorph, Blink away, then cast Invisibility. You can then run in any direction freely for 20 seconds. When the duration is up, just mount and be on your marry way, weeee!

I did this to a level 70 Undead Mage over the weekend that landed his flying mount next to me and activated Arcane Power... poor guy must have felt silly as I waltzed away in a cloud of disappearing smoke! ~Keystone


Hexapuma said...

I haven't met any mage trying to pull an invisibility on me yet... I imagine it will be very frustrating when they do.

Isthla said...

Hmm...Good flying spots?

Well, I like flying in Shattrath. Nagrand is nice too, especially because of the pretty 'Disney' type sky and the little floating chunks of land with waterfalls.

Another interesting place is Blade's Edge Mountains. I was just exploring and found this place called Dragon's End. There are about 3 or 4 impaled dragons up in the sky that I'm not sure if you can see from the ground.

I haven't explored everything, but I'll update you on new places I find as I find them :)

I will try to get some 'from the sky' pictures soon. Maybe tomorrow...We'll see :)

Excaliber1 said...

dude u should make mini movies of your pvp adventures. that would be SWEET!!!

Keystone said...

I thought about making some movies, but my system is getting old, and free movie makers such as Fraps are resource hogs.

I might make movies after I upgrade my system. The P4 3.0 / 1g ram / 9800 Pro Video Card just ain't cutting it anymore.

I'll probably just gut my current comp and upgrade from there since I like my case to much to replace.

Anonymous said...

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