Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Well as the pictures below entail, I've hit level 70 and now have "Spellsteal". The basic stats are...

Instant Cast
649 Mana
0.0 Cooldown (none)
"Steals one [random] beneficial magic effect from the target, the buff last 2m on the Mage that steals the buff." (not the exact quote)

The first thing I tried it on was a Warp Stalker outside of Shatterah, and wouldn't you know I get a 10% speed increase buff, which last 2 minutes!!!

The only downside I can see to this spell is the mana consumption. This is not intended to drain a person completely of their buffs, but to steal essential ones instead, like Arcane Power. The co-effiecent spell, "Detect Magic" only takes about 50 mana, so you can see if they have any buffs worth stealing prior to waisting 649 mana.

I dueled my brother, who also just hit 70 on his Human Mage. I sheeped him (Spellsteal doesn't break sheep) and took all his buffs, but I was at 20% mana by the time I had taken them all. I did steal his Arcane Power & PoM during one duel, and I was able to get some insane damage with AP.

I'm going to test Spellsteal tonight in battlegrounds and will post more later.



Sylvina Solaris said...

If a paladin has wings... spell steal that shit. I've only ever once had a mage spell steal that off me, and it was the most rape I think I've ever encountered in PvP. You can also spell steal BoP, but not Divine Shield... it also gives you the debuff however, so no avoiding that.

zawadi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Well Darkfall looks like it could be hot, but the lists I use most of the time is from mmorpg.com
My blog went from talking about Gaming as a whole - to all about Warcraft since last summer. So I have been just thinking about doing a blog about the one game that I am most interested, which is wow.

Keystone said...

@Sylvina Solaris
I didn't think about stealing AW... interesting! I was discouraged from using it on pallies after getting Righteous Fury & BoM (none of which help a mage, but do hurt the paladin for loosing).

I completely understand; I started this blog as a general MMO blog, but since I play WoW so much it's started to focus on that. I do add occasionally things about other MMO's. BTW, do you know where Homa, Louisiana is; I have family from there.

Isthla said...

Hmm...so I got my mage to 14. I was wondering if I should spec fire for leveling, or if frost is a good idea.

I'm still waiting for Keystone in his formal clothes :)

Anonymous said...

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