Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A Shadowy Figure...

There I was walking through the dark forest of Duskwood when it hit me like a ton of bricks; that stare, coming from the bushes. The eyes were glowing like a set of stars amongst the shadowy backdrop of the night sky.

"Psst, do you see that?", I questioned Nyssah, my Druid companion.

"What are you stammering about?" she replied.

"Shhh...don't look now, but there's a creature stalking us from the bushes over yonder", I whispered.


"Ouch! Why'd you hit me!?", I yelled, unable to keep my voice down, and alerting the creature.

"That's just Nessiah in cat form, don't be such a noggen-fogger!", she exclaimed.

How silly of me to not realize it was only Nessiah, our Druid friend in cat form in the bushes. She had come to meet us there in Duskwood to help with a package we were given by the Magistrate of Darkshire to deliver to Stormwind. But just as I thought things had calmed down I heard a voice from behind us...

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late, you two ready to travel to Stormwind?" Nessiah said as she tried to catch her breath.

Nyssah and myself slowly turned towards each other in a gasping open stare. We knew Nessiah stood behind us, but then who was the creature in the bushes ahead...?

The sting came quick, two figured appeared before us in a stammered glowing-red rage!

"Runnnnnn!" Yelled Nessiah, apparently spotting them while Nyssah & myself stood in a daze.

Alas, it was too late, the Orc Hunter seemed like a giant standing over our blood soaked bodies. It was the hunter's pet wolf that had been in the bushes. The guilt felt like a cold water fall flowing down my spine; it was my fault my two Druid friends were about to die.

As I lay there I waiting for the death-blow, I whispered to my Druid companions, "don't worry, I have a plan".

Would my plan arrive in time thou? Time was of the essence, and my plan was nowhere in sight...


Isthla said...

lol. It's not a quest. When you capture the tower that is farthest West, there is a ghostly gryphon master who lets you fly to any of the towers. It doesn't matter who controls the others as long as you control the one with the gryphon master.

I put up some new pictures by the way, if you wanted to look. Some more summer wear :)

Anonymous said...

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