Friday, May 25, 2007

Arena PvP = Fun Fun Fun!

I formed an arena team with some friends the other night. The team consist of a Shadow Priest, Feral Druid, & of course me, a Frost Mage.

We decided to only run 10 matches to see how we would do. I haven't PvP'd with either of them yet, and I was unsure of specific arena tactics. I thought we would do bad, but we ended up with 8 wins / 2 losses.

I figured that wasn't a bad start. We're waiting until an off-raid night to continue, since the Druid is in one of the top raiding guilds on the server.

I've decided to PvP for gear on Keystone, since it's what I love to do anyways. As for PvE, I'm going to be leveling my Druid, which is my second favorite class. He is currently 53, so not too far to go.

I'll keep updates on the arena team, but you can always look us up... "The Pizzeria Panda Bears" on Sargeras (yes, I came up with the name, sue me ^^)

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Sylvina Solaris said...

Ah... if only it was Pizzaria Pandarens...then you'd be off the hook.