Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Fun with Addons!

Back in the day I would mod my WoW to hell and back, but I grew tired of updating after each patch. It's been over a year since I've had a mod (Carnival PvP Enemy Cast Bar), but the other night I grew tired of trying to decode post on Allakhazam about quest locations.

My goal was to download only something that told me cords, but I ended up with a whole lot more...

I downloaded the following mods...

Cartographer - A great map mod that allows other users of the mod to share their learned locations. Also, guild mates can see each other's location on the map, even while ungrouped.

Titan Bar - This one is self explanatory since a ton of people have it, but for those that don't, this mod places an informational bar at the top of your screen that displays useful information.

Natur PvP Castbar - This is like my old Carnival cast bar, only better. This mod lets you see any spell being cast near you, and also shows the cool-downs of people you target. This mod is a must for any serious PvP'er.

Auctioneer - This mod is even more self explanatory than Titan Bar. This mod is widely known, but just in case you live in your mother's basement and share a WoW account with your Uncle Leeroy, then I'll explain. This mod scans the auction house and remembers prices for you. This is helpful when you're out in the world and need a price check. This mod also sets a posting price at 5% below the lowest priced item of that type already on the AH. This is nice since A) It makes sure your items almost always sells, and B) It does all the math for you, and who really likes math anyways?

CT Mail Mod - This is a simple mod that manages your mail for you. The best feature of this mod is that it lets you do mass mailing without getting carpel tunnel. You can mail multiple items in one letter, but you still have to pay the regular postage fee, and the receiving person receives the items in multiple letters.

I did not download any UI's since I've never found a need for them. I have key-bindings set for almost all the spells I cast, so I don't need to improve the area to 'click' on since I never click anything .

I might still get Telo's Lootlink if it's still active, and maybe a bag mod since those look nice. Any suggestions on a bag mod, I know there's a couple popular ones out there right now...



Hellfire said...

Nice. You might want to try these.
Trinity Bars-cleans up a lot of extra bar fluff
X-Perl: lots of handy info, looks good and handles raid UI
And then the standard pve stuff like KLM aggro meter and SWS dps meter.

Natur-I approve of this wholeheartedly

s4dfish said...

A good bag mod is OneBag from

Keystone said...

Thanks for the quick response; I'll give these a shot tonight when I get home.

Julien said...


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Kinless said...

Baggins. It's ace based, and provides and all-in-one view. And more. It'll actually also sort your view of the bag. Quest items in one place, Weapons in another, Armor in yet another. In my setup this leaves vendor trash down at the bottom where I can quickly sell it off. I also created an "Unbound" category to keep stuff seperate for if I want to auction it or pass it on.

Titan was nice, but was a huge memory hog. Fubar has all the same functionality, and as many plug-ins as Titan. And being Ace based, much easier on the memory.

I run a mostly Ace-based setup. (Cartographer is Ace-based. Baggins and Fubar are two more.)

There's even a WinAceUpdater that I regularly run, daily, that goes out and makes sure I have the absolute latest versions of these add-ons. Stuff gets updated daily.


Keystone said...

Thanks for the tip Kinless, I was wondering why I was so laggy, and I bet it's due to the memory usage from Titan. I'll remove it and give FuBar a try.