Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Small Update (Hek -> Juns)

I posted some time ago about moving from Oursulaert -> Hek to work for the Boundless Creation Corporation. I'm now completely moved from Hek and into the Junslaert (sp?) system. I have access to a LvL 3 / -9 quality Survalence agent (95% kill / 5% couriour) in the system, and the payout is great.

I'm still saving my funds for the Dominix battleship; I plan to heavy tank the ship while my IRL friend uses his Apoc for DPS. As for training, I'm halfway through Learning IV, and only need three more teir 2 learning skills.

I'm anxious to get to my learning skills goal so I can start training more ship skills. One of my first goals is Astrometerics, Hacking, & Archeology for scanning down and running complexes and sites. I like the idea of Exploration as it lets you run activities in other systems where you don't have access to any agents. With mission running I sometimes feel corn-holed into certain systems, but with Exploration you can scan down complexes in other systems and get some good action and money.


Manasi said...

Try a higher quality agent maybe? I do not know that area of space but higher quality agents mean more money. Which means faster toward the Dominix BS

Keystone said...

While I was raising my standings this was the first LvL 3 agent I was available to work for, but I should revisit that. I bet there's some higher quality agents now, especially since I've been working for the -9 quality agent for awhile now.

I've read about high quality meaning better payout, but are the missions harder too, or is that reserved for the level variable?