Thursday, November 20, 2008

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be...

I was running level 2 missions last night for the Federal Intelligence Office; I'm trying to get my standings to 8.0 so I can install some jump clones.

I think this would be wise since I eventually would like to move to 0.0 with a Corporation, but would still like easy access to empire space for flying with newer pilots I might know IRL.

I've been thinking some time about what it is I want to contribute to a fleet / roaming gang; I've come to conclusion I like the idea of being the scout with probes. I like the fact that the scanning skills also play a role in PvE when scanning down complexes and other sites.

Scanning down radar & magnetic sites reminds me of the Cartography skill in Ultima Online. With the skill you could decipher treasure maps, which you then took a group of people with you to kill the spawn and dig up the treasure. This activity provided lots of fun for those that tagged along, but the problem was the skill was worthless in PvP.

I ended up playing that character much less, and eventually just played my PvP character as my main. With the Astrometrics skill, however, you can scan down other players as well as PvE ratting sites.

So, I've moved the following skills up on my priority list...

Astrometric Triangulation
Astrometric Pinpointing
Signal Acquisition

I'm also going to focus training on ships of that type; this will require more research on my part as I've just made this decision last night.

I love setting my own goals in EvE rather than the carrot-on-a-stick developer imposed goals that other MMOs have. I'm sorry, but it's just I love this game, and I get on a soapbox every time I discuss game mechanics.

If anyone has tips on scanning, players or complexes, I would love to hear them! =)


PaJin Darox said...

You find everything what you need to know about exploration from here.

Check this YouTube video.

Keystone said...

Awesome, thanks for the linkage!