Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ship Loss: Brutix

I've had my first major ship loss in EvE now, and as much as it pissed me off, it also made me smile. I love the fact that a "death" in EvE actually means something. I remember sitting down during losing battles in WoW and just waiting for the death to come so I could respawn and be on my merry way- I hated it.

EvE Online is just a great MMO, and I wish more MMO's would learn from their sandbox philosophy.

Back to the ship I loss; I was flying level 3 missions with a buddy from work last night. He was in an Apoc set to tank, and I was bringing a Brutix for DPS (I would have brought a BS, but I don't have one, and can't afford to purchase one, yet).

I notice there is not an option to warp fleet to 100km, but there is that option for warping myself into a mission (assuming there's no acceleration gate). So I warp in at 100km and have my buddy warp to me; however, the ships were still targeting me and closing fast. I decided it would be best to kite, so I fly the opposite direction with an Afterburner activated.

Eventually it looks like the NPCs are diminishing in numbers and I turn back around to engage and help with DPS. Well, the ships were still firing at me, and damage came pretty fast. My active armor tank (Brutix is built for active armor tanking with it's repair bonus) held for some time, but I had replaced my DCU with a RCU for more PG (I was there for the DPS role, and more powergrid meant more guns).

A tip to any new players out there...

Without a Damage Control Unit (DCU) your ship's hull will evaporate, melt, disappear in mere seconds!!!

So, lesson learned, and I'm ok with that. I'll be back in my Vexor (Cruiser) tonight running level 2's to bridge the gap in how much I have now, and how much I need for a Dominix BS.


PsycheDiver said...

"Never fly without a suitcase."

That's what I was told and it's saved me more times then I can count.

Manasi said...

DCU II, 60% resists while in structure..enough said. As for the loss please tell me you insured it? T1 ships are easy insurance and make the pain much less. Lastly bump for BC skill if you can with BC at 5, it is like having an extra repper IIRC, which means you can stack on more resist mods..GL and good hunting

Keystone said...

The ship was insured, so the loss wasn't too terrible.

I was thinking next time I'll use a Medium Rep, DCU, and Kinetic, Thermic, & Explosive Hardeners for the 5 low slots...

MercenaryBlue said...

If your friend was the one set for tanking, you should let him warp to the mission first. Or at least warp off and in so you lose NPC aggro :)

Keystone said...

Is there a way for him to warp to the mission first if I'm the one who accepted the mission?

I figured there might be a way for me to forward him the bookmark the agent gives me, but I've yet to figure it out.

I tried warping out and back in, but they we're still aggroing me; I might not have waited long enough though.

Thanks again for everyone's advice and help =)

Ecaf said...

@ Keystone: If you fleet warp and then hit CTRL-space quickly you will stop accelerating to warp, and therefore not warp, but your fleet still will.

Keystone said...


I feel so dumb for not figuring that out, and especially since I'm a CTRL + Spacebar freak as I forget things at the station when warping out ALL the time.

Thank you so much for the tip; I'm very grateful. =)