Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dominix Report

I only had time to fly one level 3 mission last night with my new Dominix battleship, but it worked great. I'm using a fitting similar to the one in my previous post. The battleship held up well, and tanking wasn't a problem.

I also made my first trip into Jita, and yes, it's true, the lag sucks. I can't imagine it worse than it was for me last night, but appaerently that was the case before the stackless I/O technology update.

Our Corporation is talking about issueing a few war decs, and that is fine with me; however, I'm still new and hope I'm able to help the effort. I've invested some time and money into being a tackler since it requires less skill points for the role. We'll see how that goes!

I'm looking forward to the holiday weekend- my work week ends tomorrow at 1:00pm!!! >=)


Manasi said...

I ahve a reason the lag was bad...since Stackless I/O it really hasn't been a problem. The problem yesterday was the 1000 man fleet with several titans down in Goonspace in the South, in addition to some heavy fighting in the North m-o e-o areas which probably taxxed CCP hard. Whne our fight started yesterday we had more people than Jita did.

Keystone said...

Ahh, well then that explains the lag. I'm planning another trip to Jita over the holidays and hopefully I'll get to experience stackless I/O in it's wonderful glory! =P