Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Agent Standings

I'm enjoying my new home in Hek. I'm currently high enough standings to work for level 2 agents; however, I noticed my Corp standing isn't high enough to meet the .9 requirement.

I have a couple options...

1. Encourage Corp mates to work for the Boundless Creation Corporation to raise our overall standing.
2. Start working for a different NPC Corporation that already has high enough standings with our Corp.
3. Quit my Corp and find one that has a high enough standing with Boundless Creation Corporation.

The problem with solution #1 is that even if it's raised enough, what is to stop the influx of more recruits from diluting the standings?

Solution #2 seems like the most reasonable, but again, what stops more recruits from messing up the standings.

As for solution #3, better agent selection isn't one of my criteria for selecting a Corporation to join, but it might soon enough.

I know I saw some agents that don't require an "overall" standing in addition to your own personal standings. I wonder what separates these agents? Why does one not care what your Corp thinks of them while the other agent does care?

This was a level 2 R&D agent I was inspecting when I noticed both Corp standing of .90 and personal standing of 2.90 are required to get work from the agent.
Would anyone with more knowledge on the subject please enlighten me?

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