Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving: Oursulaert -> Hek

I realized that running missions out of 1.0 is not nearly as profitable as running them in lower security systems, and since I'm not ready for PvP (yet), I must move my operations to a 0.5 system.

I noticed some Corp mates missioning in Hek, so I decided to check it out. Hek is a 0.5 system, and it's surrounded by 0.5 systems as well. This means there are adjacent systems to run missions to mix things up.

I ended up liking the environment in Hek, so I packed up all my crap and waved one last goodbye to my agent friends in Oursulaert.

It took awhile, but I moved all my items and ships to Hek, and then logged off for the night. I'm looking forward to starting my mission grind for the Boundless Creations corp located at Hek VIII. Also, I finished Science IV and Hull Upgrades IV; this means I can now use Tractor Beams and Armor Hardeners (both are essential for maximizing the profit margin on missions).


Ga'len said...

Be very careful in and around Hek, especially Otou. I live in Otou and I can tell you, Otou, Miroitem, Rancer, they are all very dangerous.

Jenni Concarnadine said...

Hek is where I lost my first ship. Sent in on a mission (L1) and before I knew it I was being fired on and blown away by the NPCs. I still go there, to get to other places, or occasionally to trade, but it's a system I don't hang about in, and even though it's got roids, I don't mine there, no matter how tempting the ore.

All the very best, and a quick "Can I hav yr stuf?"


Keystone said...

@ Ga'len
We had a new recruit in the Corp channel asking people to help him in Otou, but I had to log. When I logged back on someone in Corp said they went to help him and the new recruit attacked him with another person helping. *sigh* That could have been me! Thanks for the tip though, I'll definately stay away... for now >=]

I lost my first ship when I ran AFK to boil some tea and I came back to some spawned rats, ugh! Lesson learned, though.

Anonymous said...

Hek is awesome, Ive moved on to hagilur/arwa for l2's but the best thing about hek (and why I always come back) is that salvaged materials sell for awesome prices. I fill up my salvage boat (free breacher ftw) and haul 250m3 of salvaged materials when I get to to hek. Thats a 10min run @ about 20mill/pop.

Hek FTW. Stay in hek, just watch out for pirates in neighboring lowsec.