Friday, October 17, 2008

EFT - EvE Fitting Tool

No, it's not Electronic Funds Transfer as we know in the real world (I know, I know- what's that, right?) Well, if you haven't downloaded EFT yet, and you're playing EvE, then you're truely missing out!

What EFT does is let you upload your character's skills and then select a ship to fit. The program lets you play with different ship fittings based off your skill level. Ever buy that extra turret just to find out you don't have enough power to put it online unless you remove another module? This is where EFT comes in handy, because you can see before any purchase is made if you have the skills to fit all those modules.
I've played around with the Gallente Brutix fitting and came up wit the following (see screenshot). Obvisouly my skills aren't all at V, but by this time tomorrow my Engineering will be at V and I won't be so hard up for powergrid anymore!
To all those vets out there- what do you think; where could I improve?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not sure about experts, but it looks decent. I believe the Brutix is meant to be a close up blaster boat rather than a ranged damage dealer, so might want to replace the rails (I know power may become an issue).

This is very close to the setup I have on my Myrmidon.

Anonymous said...

Also change that damage control system. There are named ones that have much better resists

Keystone said...

I've upgraded to a DCII since this was published. I noticed some items offer greater increase when going from Meta 1-4 up to Tech II items, and some just do not.

The incremental difference between a normal Damage Control Unit and a DCII are worth the upgrade.