Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vexor / Brutix - New Ship Update

I'm only qualified up to Battleships at this point, but that is because I spent the earlier part of my EvE career reading books while the rest of my graduating class rushed to their pods with the excitement of a 9 year old boy on Christmas morning.

A few nights ago I was running some level 2 missions with my jury-rigged Thorax; however, this ship was given to me by a very generous player and the rigs on the ship are worth 24 mil each, and combined with the cost of the ship at 7 mill, that makes the ship worth 79 million.
Up to this point the most I've seen is 7 mill, but I keep spending it on books faster than I can make the isk. I'm comfortable with my current skill books as they cover a wide variety of basics so I can fit my ships with more variation.
I decided it wasn't worth losing my Thorax in the case of an unfortunate event, and my research showed the Vexor as a superior PvE vessel. So, I hit the market for a Vexor and found one at 3.75 million; however, I only had 3.85 mill. Was it worth it to bring me down to 100k? I have enough random fittings and a few extra Frigates I could sell in case of an emergency, and this ship was a good investment for mission running, so I made the purchase.

I was unable to fit the Vexor the way I wanted to because I only had Thorax fittings, and they didn't match the Vexor's intended design. I had no choice though because I only had 100k left, so I put whatever I had in the hanger on the ship.

The ship was running level 2 missions just fine, but I went with a Corpmate on some of his level 3 missions and I felt useless in the Vexor and it's current fittings. My Corpmate asked if I could fly a Battlecruiser, and I explained how I had Battlecruiser II, but I didn't have the 24 mill to buy one yet. Without delay my wallet blinked and I noticed a 25 million deposit from my Corpmate who instructed me to purchase the Battlecruiser and come back when it was fitted.

That was an awesome gesture on his part, and after I returned with the fully fitted Brutix the missions started going faster. I ended up shooting back up to 3 million pretty fast, so I'm back up and running.

I'm not buying anymore skillbooks for awhile! ^^

And of course, my beautiful Acura Brutix Type S

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