Monday, September 15, 2008

Space is Lonely

I played EvE some last night after the Cowboys victory over the hated Eagles (boo!)
I went ahead and changed my training from Drone Interfacing III (very important to drone damage, and a must have) to Hull Upgrades III. The Hull Upgrades skill will increase my armor value by 5% per level, therefore helping me survive longer.
I've focused so much on improving damage on my Thorax with the Medium Turrets skill that I've neglected defensive skills such as Armor Repairs and Hull Upgrades.
After reading the awesome adventures of Kane Rizzel ( I'm starting to wonder if I should put more skill training time into smaller ships such as the Rifter. My goal for my time in EvE Online is the same as Kane's, and that is to murder people and become a ruthless Pirate!
I was told the Thorax is a wicked solo ship to Pirate in, but being a noob I'm also too poor to afford an endless supply of Thorax ships, so the Rifter looks much cheaper to fit. I wonder if it has any drone slots (I can't check here at work, boo!)
Also, to anyone reading this, I'm still looking for a good Corporation to join, so keep me in mind when your Corp is looking for good new members. I'm only at 2 mill SP, but I catch on quickly and have no problem listening to the FC's instructions. The Corp must be centered around PvP, but I don't have a problem helping out with other operations, such as mining, either.
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