Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Skill Training Complete

Ahh yes, we all love those three magic words, "Skill Training Complete". I have a gynormous list of skills I want to train, but I have to keep reminding myself that I won't be effective at anything until I focus my training efforts.

I've decided to get a few key skills to level 4 before I get fragmented with various skills.
The skills are as follows...

Hull Upgrades IV
Armour Repair Systems IV
Drone Interfacing IV
Small Turrets IV
Medium Turrets IV
Navigation IV
Afterburners IV

That's only a small portion of the skills I'm looking at training, but I figure these are critical to surviving basic combat. I eventually- once I can fly BC's for level three missions- want to focus on Rifter skills. I'll probably dive deeper into small turret specialization per Kane Rizzel's suggestion, but right now I need cash, and that comes from running missions, so I'll continue Medium Turrets in my Thorax.

I love how many skills there are to choose from and that any race / gender can pick any of them. I remember being a stun mage in UO before stun mages were cool. I love trying new skills and setups and EvE really promotes that behavior.

I'm wondering when I should start looking for a Corp...? I'm only 2 mill SP, so I don't have a lot to offer yet, and most serious Corps have a minimum requirement higher than 2 mill. If anyone out there is part of, or knows an existing PvP guild that accepts rookie pilots willing to learn with a natural learning ability and previous MMO PvP experience, then please drop me a line ^^

~Placebo Effect

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