Monday, September 29, 2008

Ship Loss

The harsh environment of space always leaves me thirsty for an ice cold beverage, but the refrigerator on my Catalyst Destroyer is on the other side of the ship away from the controls. I was starting to wonder if I should accept Gallente Navy drink coupons as reward for all these obscure errands *cough*, I mean "missions" the Security department keeps assigning me.

As I activated my warp drive towards the repair station that was aiding Serpentis Pirates, I wondered if I would make it back this time. Every mission the Gallente Navy was sending me on seemed to get more difficult, and after losing shields and armor on my previous mission before warping out, I was wondering how close of a call this one would be.

Upon exiting warp I noticed a few scouts were already locking me and approaching swiftly. I decided to concentrate fire and activated all seven of my Railguns before setting orbit to optimal range. To avoid the pirate frigate from moving to close and therefore killing my accuracy, I activated my Webber and took control of the range during the fight.

After dispatching the security forces guarding the repair station I noticed no life signs on my scanner and proceeded to chisel away at the measly constructed pirate repair station. The adrenaline from another successful mission was pulsating through my veins. I think this calls for a victory celebration- a celebratory drink will do just fine!

But wait, the stupid fridge is too far away to see the controls- something could happen. I checked the scanners again, and still no signs of life. Screw it. I ran over to the fridge to make my favorite beverage. As the water started to boil I felt the ship start to shake.

The lights went out. An eerie red glow from the emergency light lit the hallway leading back to the control room. I stumbled through the hall as the ship rocked back and forth. The muffled gunfire grew louder as I neared the control room.

I knew I wouldn’t have enough time, so I took the detour to my escape pod. I knew it was too good to be true. I was about to lose my ship- possibly my life- and I’m still thirsty, ugh!

Through the debris from the explosion I was able to warp my pod to the safety of the station where I would lick my wounds before returning to space.

I think I’ll make a pit stop at the station bar before I have to explain to the Security office why the Serpentis repair station was still operational.

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