Monday, September 15, 2008

Back Up and Running...

I played EvE Online during the late hours over the weekend. I set some temporary and long terms goals for myself since without goals EvE is just a giant sandbox.

Short Term: Build my standings with a few NPC corps through running missions. I want to get up to level three missions, and be able to run them consistently.

Long Term: Focus on training the current skills I have up to level 4 before aquirring more skills. Also, I need to find a Corporation to join up with. I'd prefer a Corporation located in 0.0, or involved in some massive wars. I basically need a Corp that is built around PvP and not one that just PvP'd because it's in the game.

I've been pulling in mor emoney with my new Salvaging skill, and I must say it's not bad money for a new player! I'm almost to 5 mill in only a few hours of playing (I know you vets make 5 mill in your sleep, but I'm new, so HAH!)

I probably won't get any time tonight since my Cowboys are beating up on the Eagles for Monday Night Football; however, if I do get on I'm not stopping until I have at least ONE mission giver at 8.0+ standing.

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