Monday, September 22, 2008

High Speed Manuvering

I'm now qualified to fit and use a MWD, but I didn't get a chance to test it out last night. The first thing I'll be doing tonight when I log on is test a MWD on my three ships, Incurses, Catalyst, and Thorax.

I had tons of ships at one point, but I sold them off and focused on fitting only a few for certain situations. As a side note, the Tristan is one UGLY ship!

I'm currently training Gunnery skills to help assist my future Corp (whoever they will be) in combat. I figure increasing my tank is great if I'm the primary target, but if I'm just a fly on the wall and not being shot at, I would like to bring sufficient damage to the table to help out.

Speaking of Corporations, I'm still without (Can't really count an NPC Corp, heh). I've been researching the forums trying to find the perfect match. If anyone out there is interested in a combat pilot "in-the-works", then please let me know with an EvE-mail, or even a comment here ^^
~Placebo Effect

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