Wednesday, February 7, 2007

PvP: Tip of the Day (Druid)

Today's PvP tip focuses on the HoT (Heal Over Time) abilities of a Druid.

This is basically what I call a 'pre-cast' effect. When the duel timer starts, go ahead and start casting a Regrowth followed by a Rejuvenation, then immediately turn into your combat form of choice and the duel will JUST be starting and you'll have TWO heals continually ticking already on yourself.

This is a semi-cheap tactic for a duel, but it's no different than a Priest timing their Power Word: Shield before a fight.

I use this tactic in world PvP too; if I see the person first, then I start the HoT 'pre-cast' before engaging the opponent.

I hope this helps any of my Druid friends out there.

**on a side note, look for an additional author to the blog in the near future. A good friend of mine has agreed to contribute articles.

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