Monday, February 19, 2007

PvP Stories: Alliance Shaman

I was leveling my Mage (ding 64 btw) in Terrokar Forest when a level 63 Draenei Shaman challenges me to a duel. I'm usually against random duels, but I was looking forward to my first Shaman *duel*, since it's all been world PvP until now...

I'm not going into details, but the Shaman kicked my ass with his Enhancement spec. I asked him for another duel, since I know his spec now, and how to beat him. He accepts the duel and I basically kite'd him to death. After the duel, he starts rambling about how I suck because I ran the whole fight...

Ok, I have top get this out of the way since I hear this from a lot of people I have dueled; if you are melee, and I am ranged, why would I stand there and let you hit me? Just because 90% of the casters you duel stand there while you maul them to death, doesn't mean that is the norm, and they know what they're doing.

...sorry for the rant!

Anyways, we dueled a third time, and a forth, and so on. This player was good, and he knew his stuff, but his ego was horrible. We each won about 5 duels, so I was ready to leave it at that when he made the comment about cooldowns. I only used cooldowns on 3 of my 5 wins, so the 2 duels without cooldowns already established I could beat him without them, so why make a comment like that.

I realized then that this was one of those childish people that get their kicks out of other people's misery, so I dueled him one last time *WITHOUT* cooldowns and I won...

He went crazy, so I had to put him on ignore. I don't understand why some people have to be the 100% best 100% of the time. Acknowledging failure is the first step towards improvement. If only this guy knew how great he could be with some constructive criticism.