Friday, June 26, 2009

Darkfall News Leads Player to EvE Online

Ok, maybe the title is a little over-the-top, but the recent news of Darkfall wanting players to pay for their game a SECOND time just to play on the American server is ridiculous. As much as I love Darkfall I don't think I can bring myself to pay another 50 bones!

So until I can log on and create a new character on the American server without purchasing the game a second time... I'll be playing EvE.

I just qualified to fly Interceptors last night, and while I have enough cash to drop 22m on a Taranis, I just don't want to fly the ship until I have more supporting skills, such as Tech II Small Blasters / Rails.
I also need to do some research on reprocessing and manufacturing. I have been reprocessing meta one items and selling everything else. I need to find out which skill increases your yield from reprocessing, and which skill lowers the materials needed for manufacturing. I want to start making my own ammo, and maybe some small frigates.

I really wish people could have enough standings with a newbie corp to at least make ONE clone! I have a whole set of +3 implants that are preventing me from PvP right now. Now those are not the most extravagant implants, but they still cost me money. I have 5.0 standing with the Federal Intelligent Agency, but it goes up SOOO slow from running missions. I'll be happy once I get a couple clones setup so I can PvP implant free- for now.

So other than running around EvE and finishing the light-side / dark-side ending of KOTOR, I'm just waiting for more news about Darkfall. I really hope they change their minds and come up with another way to get American players over to the new server.