Friday, June 12, 2009

As I've probably mentioned, I am planning on rerolling with my clan on NA-1 when it's released. I'm just tired of the wolf and it's ridiculous size disadvantage; I'll be rerolling human this time around. I'll also probably drop polearms for 2h swords, but everything else skill-wise will remain the same.

I have taken a short break from Darkfall until the new American server is released; I don't want to get burnt out on the EU-1 server while waiting for NA-1.

I decided to install Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) and give it a run since I was deep into MMO's back in 2003 when the game was released. I have to say Bioware did a great job on this game; the game is a blast to play for a six year-old title.

So far I've cleared Dantooine, Tatooine, and half of Mannana (sp?). Other than two decisive decisions involving currency, I've chosen Light-side responses during my conversations. Those two Dark-side responses saved me 4,500 credits, so I think the slight Dark-side hit was worth it.

I just wonder how well Bioware will be able to incorporate this so-called "story" pillar into their upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. I mean it works great in the single player RPG environment, but how are my responses to the story going to change the story if other people are involved. What if someone from my party picks a different response than me in an instance, dungeon, plex, whatever- would they see different content than me during that run?

I'm not sure how they're going to do it, but if the game is as fun as their single player titles, then I think they'll have a hit on their hands. I will definitely check it out, but it wouldn't be a long-term solution to my MMO habit. I'm sticking with Darkfall for that. I just can't put in the amount (high) of effort I want to in a character in the themepark setting. It's fun to run through those types of games, ala WoW, but for me they're better left once you hit max level. I don't care how fun a themepark is, but if you ridden all the rides you will eventually get bored.

A sandbox game, however, has infinite amount of content generated through the imagination of the players- now that's my type of end-game!!!

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