Thursday, July 9, 2009

What game was I playing...?

The Ancient Gaming Noob had this idea awhile back and it was brilliant- so much so, that I decided to run with it myself. Thanks Ancient Gaming Noob!

All you have to do is read the quick description of what took place in the game and guess which game I was playing.

On to the story...

The forums announced a wedding to take place; my guild master at the time reads this post and plans on the guild attending this event. The guild master gathers everyone up an hour before the wedding takes place.

We equip ourselves with explosives and dress in formal attire for the event. Once the wedding starts and we're inside among the crowd we announce over roger wilco the countdown until we all trigger our explosives.

The explosives go off and everyone, including the bride and groom are running around trying to avoid the damage, but in the end almost everyone at the wedding died, including ourselves from the explosions (a few people made it out the door and ran away).

I felt bad for grieving a wedding, but at the same time I was amazed that this kind of content could come from a GAME, an MMO for that matter...


Anonymous said...

Wow, strapped explosives to yourselves and blew up the ceremony.

I am going to say Ultima Online.

The game had a wide enough following to have weddings and the like, but I never played it so I don't know if there was a mechanism that allowed you to blow yourself and others up, be it via explosive or some other mechanism.

*vlad* said...

Was it 'Total Taliban the MMORG'?

Keystone said...

Was it 'Total Taliban the MMORG'?

hehe, nice.

I did leave a few other clues in the post about the timeframe that should help.

Any other guesses before I reveal the game?

Keystone said...

The Ancient Gaming Noob has done it again!

Yes, it was Ultima Online.

The game didn't allow you to actually equip yourself with explosives; however, there were explosion potions, and they could be used inside your bag.

When you activated / used the potion inside your bag, an explosion would go off around your character causing damage. These potions could also be thrown...

I plan to do more of these post, and my goal is to show the crazy happenings that go on in a sandbox world that those outside of the environment may not be aware.

Good job on the guess tagn!!!

WoW Accounts said...

Ultima Online is a real cool one. This is quite an interesting posting. The posting helped the guessing I would say.