Monday, April 16, 2007

Level 66 and a Dead Hunter

I will start off by saying I stayed up till 3:00am last night to hit level 66 on Keystone; I was tired of putting him off for other characters. Since I hit level 66, trained Ice Lance, and then passed out, I don't have any feedback on Ice Lance... yet (check back).

I was doing my level grind in Zangramarsh since I had a few unfinished quest to wrap up. My location was north around Coilfang Reserve when I notcied a level 70 Troll Hunter that was out of mana from killing mobs. The Troll Hunter targets me, but then sits down to drink, so I just type /wave and start to cast on a mob, but I kept an eye on the Hunter (silly me for trying to be nice).

I see his pet running towards me from the corner of my eye and I switch targets to the Hunter to see an Aimed Shot cooking in my direction.

*BOOM* The arrow is flying towards my head, the pet is charging, and I have to think fast, so I did the first thing that came to mind... my handy-dandy Ice Block!

So now the fight is on, and no one got the benefit of surprise. While in my Ice Block I had to plan my next move, so I decided to cancel the Ice Block and blink towards the Hunter and used Frost Nova -> Fireblast / CoC, then I summoned my Water Ele, Recasted Ice Barrier, hit Cold Snap, then Ice Blocked again!

He did get a silencing shot on me before the Ice Block, too bad for him Ice Block can be casted through ANYTHING! (I don't think I could spec without at least 21 in Frost)

So now I'm blocked and my Water Ele is beating on him, and I've used ALL my Frost Spells before hitting Cold Snap, so when I come out of block I repeat by blinking towards him and casting Frost Nova -> Fireblast / CoC.

I get a crit and it knocks him out of the Frost Nova, but I immediately refreeze him using my Water Ele's ranged Frost Nova, and I started to cast Frostbolt, which lands and crits for over 2k.

So in the end, I won the fight at the cost of ALL my cooldowns, but he has 5 levels on me, and he's a Hunter. (BRK would be upset with this guy, lol!)

To finish this post I would like to point out the bug that Blizzard has yet to fix with the Water Ele pet bar overlaying the chat box. It's not that big of a deal, but this bug has been around awhile, it's due for fixing!



Tachyon said...

Nice one, well done :)

I would have used cold snap immediately after leaving the ice block and blinking, then summoning the water elemental before doing any damage.
This way, you can hinder the hunter from running even if you have to iceblock again (WE's frostnova is castable even when you're iceblocked).

Deep Frost is just the best PvP spec you can probebly use after you hit lvl 66, since you can use 3 novas without waiting for cooldowns; this combined with shatter and instant casts (icelance, fireblast, CoC) brings doom to any foe.

Too sad that in the next patch, ice block will cause a 'hypothermia' debuff for 30sec, which disallows iceblocking again, so after 2.1 better eat the first shot (use ice barrier and mana shield combined to absorb ~2k dmg) and save you ice block until you need it most (to get rid of debuffs such as CC effects or silence).

Keystone said...

Thanks for the warning on the upcoming change to Ice Block.

I'll have to adjust like they did when they put Forbearance on the Paladin immunities to prevent consecutive casting of Bubble + BoP.

Hopefully I'll be 70 before the change and I won't need to double Ice Block anymore.

Well it's 5:15pm and I'm headed home to hit level 67!!!


Damh said...
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Damh said...

BRK is disgusted that a 70 Hunter would attack a 66 Mage.

BRK is extremely amused that a 66 Mage beat a Level 70 Marksman hunter.

BRK is not suprised that a Marksman hunter doesn't know to put a trap down to catch the Blinking Mage bent on Frost damage.

And BRK hopes all MM hunters read your story and consider BM for PvP, eliminating Ice Block from the list of things with which to be concerned.

Damh and Hobbes

Lamthara said...

the best story about a fight i've read so far. And I'm serious... i could see the "movie" in my mind.

Pretty happy you've beaten him since he deserve it. If you /wave... and he /wave then it means peace. If you break it then you deserve to die (and maybe be ganked by another one who's passing close to there ^^

Keystone said...

Thanks for the comment lamthara ^^