Monday, April 9, 2007

Interesting Frost Mage Duels...

..........The Night Elf Rogue challenged me to a duel, and I figured why not, so I did my normal combos and used Ice Block to counter his Cloak of Shadows. Frost Mages have an easy time against melee classes.
The Human (Shadow) Priest challenged me to a duel after I beat the Rouge, and I figured I would surely loose to a level 70 Shadow Priest. I gave it my best shot, and used all my cooldowns, but I ended up the victor. He challenged me again, probably wanted a duel without cooldowns; I lost that duel, but even without cooldowns it was pretty close.
The Rogue was pretty good, but the class is just underhanded against Mages; however, the Priest has no excuse, since Shadow Priest are one of the best 1 v 1 classes in the game. Who knows... maybe he was lagging or playing someone elses character, you never know!
On a side note, you can tell that I'm still level 65, but this is because I've been helping friends level instead. I'm also about to respec my Paladin to a 40 / 0 / 11 build; I'll let you know how that turns out. The rest of the characters are about the same as the last update.


Excaliber1 said...

I must ask, what armor are you wearing?! soo nice well its your soloing gear i assume to?

Keystone said...

It's a combination of Tier 1 Mage Armor w/ Field Marshal's set.

Yeah, it's my everything gear. I stopped collecting multiple suits of armor after I stopped raiding, and my bank was getting full of herbs.

I'm trying to hit 70 ASAP so I can start gathering a new suit. I just hope it looks as nice as what I have now.


Anonymous said...

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