Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Update

I have completed my goal on my learning skills; I now have all the attribute modifier skills to IV, and Learning V. I also have a set of +3 implants, so learning times have dramatically dropped with all these additional attributes.

Now that learning is complete I can focus on Gunnery and some T2 ship requirements. I have Frigates V and I'm only 4 days from Evasive Maneuvering V which will let me fly Interceptors. I think this will be nice as I can help fleet ops with tackling.

Other than skills I've been working on standings. I'm trying to get to 8.0 to install some jump clones and advance me further towards 0.0 space. Our Corp has a guy who runs an alt Corp with Republic Fleet standings over 8.0, and I could use this to get quick jump clones, but I would rather earn it than use some work-around. Besides... I'm not ready for 0.0 space anyways, so I enjoy the time in preparation.

I have a few goals before I even consider 0.0 space, and they are as follows...

-Learning V / Attribute Modifier Skills IV (done)
-Ability to run LvL 4 missions solo
-Multiple Jump Clones
-Able to fly HAC's with T2 Mediums and T2 drones [Ishtar]
-Able to fly Covert Ops (done)
-Industry IV
-Production Efficiency IV

I'm one of those people that spend more time preparing and planning for a vacation than I do on the vacation =/

I hope all this preparation makes the journey to 0.0 living that much easier.
Are there any other 0.0 essentials I'm missing?

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