Monday, June 4, 2007

New Arena Team

I started my first Arena team this weekend; my brother asked me to since he wants some of the gear you get from cashing in Arena points - who am I kidding, I want them too! ^^

I talked him into respeccing Frost for Arenas since he was dieing too fast with his Arcane spec. So there we are, two Frost Mages in Arenas. Well, my brother is a late bloomer into PC gaming, and he has no twitch skills whatsoever, so no kiting for him.

This turns out to be a problem, since as a Mage you have to know how to kite. I'm going to try and teach him some more as we go along. We ended the night with 9 wins - 20 losses (ouch). I'd say 7 of those 9 wins I was able to kill the other two players by myself. I'm hoping that if my brother continues to see how I use the Frost spec, then he might get better with it over time.

I remember when I ditched the "3-minute mage" spec for Frost it took a long time to change my play-style. We've decided to run BGs and some practice Arena rounds before going back in for the real deal, this should allow him ample time to get the hang of Frost.

If anyone would like to keep up with the Arena team the name is "The Frozen Core", a name I now regret since I'm about to add a Druid & Rogue to the team. I knew I should have went with "The A-Team" - my favorite childhood sitcom!


Hellfire said...

yea we started our arena team as well. Mage, warlock and priest for our 2v2 and 3v3, not quite ready yet for the madness that is 5v5. We're doing alright, 1620 in both. We reached as high as 1700 but then were pushed back down by overgeared players. I think there are two factors to this. Blizzard's arena system doesn't match gear to gear to create fights based on skill. Most of the time we're facing opponents decked with epics. Another thing is that I think our warlock is a liability. He just doesn't fear (his main job) enough to save the priest from focus fire.

Keystone said...

I agree with the gear factor. I don't have enough stamina to be in arenas, but I'm slowly gathering Stamina + Resilience gear.

The priest is our problem because he doesn't kite, so one melee attacks him and it's game over.

Anonymous said...

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