Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Character Update

It's been awhile since I've given an update on my characters, so I thought it due.

My main on WoW is obviously Keystone (70 Human Mage). I've pretty much reserved him to Arenas & Battlegrounds. It's not that I don't like running instances with him, but I could be spending instance time on an alt and actually get more than just gear out of it.

Speaking of alts... I finally let my Dwarf Paladin ding level 61. I wound up with a new rank of Seal of the Crusader... oh joy! I have him specced and geared towards tanking, so that's been a new experience. I'm used to just handing out water, polymorphing, and laying out some DPS.

I tried to level Ocid (53 Night Elf Druid), but he kept getting camped by various Horde, so I just ended up on Keystone in multiple PvP skirmishes. I think I'll head to Un'goro as I've never had a problem with Horde there.

I only log on Hyrukin (40 Human Warlock) to transmute Felcloth > Mooncloth and craft 16-slot bags. I really need to hit 50 on him so I can get his Tailoring / Enchanting up to 375. He'd then be the perfect bank alt since he has all bank slots full of 16-slotters, and he can DE any greens not worth auctioning.

The rest of the WoW characters aren't worth mentioning since I haven't done anything with them since the last update.

I also hit 7x on my Provocationist in Ultima Online, and I placed a small house in the desert. I see the same thing happening though that happened last time I played UO. I have ample cash in the bank, I have a house, albeit small, but all I want to do is PvP. I guess this is how I end up in all games - see Keystone above.

I downloaded the free 14-day trial to EvE Online, but man is that game intense. There's almost too much information to process. Also, there's no way to change the zoom feature in the options; I see this as unacceptable since in today's games almost all features have a reverse, or on/off toggle. I won't play past the 14-day trial, but I'm not saying it's a bad game, it's just not for me.

On a side note... anyone know when Arena points are tabulated? I'm assuming it's Tuesday mornings since that's the normal down / patch time.


Sylvina Solaris said...

Eve is VERY intense. I just don't have the time for it, and my friend plays it over WoW, and I'm like "Dude, how can you enjoy a game that involves you sitting around AFK or clicking back and forth, it doesn't really mean anything, and it isn't exactly effective unless you play for years upon years. It sounds cool, but the basic idea of paying for a game you don't play to get a skill point once or twice a day is dumb.

Keystone said...

You summed up my thoughts exactally!

scott71@gmail.com said...

"I'm used to just handing out water, polymorphing, and laying out some DPS." <--- I'm a lame 70 Resto Shaman who would just LOVE to "lay out some dps".

And so, I've been slowly advancing my mage (now 53 - Frost) so I can just non-chalantly "lay out some dps" :D

That said... I visit every third day or so and hope you'll post some "tips" on Frost mage pvp!

Since 51, its really hard for me not to leave Alterac Valley and just go level even though I'm at the bottom of the food chain level wise.. its still 3x more fun than my 70 Shaman.

Anyway... enjoy the blog, hope to see some PvP Frost Tips sometime, I do believe you mentioned in a post a while back that you would do something like that :O

(note... I'm hoping you'll send that ss so I can play around and make that wallpaper for you soon )