Thursday, January 15, 2009

Message to Twinks

I was in WSG on my level 71 druid the other night when it looked like our team was going to get steam rolled, so I stealth past all the Horde holding us at the graveyard. I ended up getting the flag and almost making it back before I died.

I therefore tried again, and this time made it a little further; this try was followed by a third attempt. Each try I announced my location and planned trip to return the flag in hopes I would receive some form of aide. I had even requested someone with more HP to come get the flag and I would heal them.

Well, our team just sat there at the graveyard and ran single-file into their death down below the graveyard cliff.

We obviously ended up losing that battle, but I wouldn't let it keep me down. I joined up again and tried the same tactic from the start. I asked for some help in returning the flag, but the response I got was, "Why are you trying to run the flag with your crappy HP".

I replied with a, "then come get it from me, so that I may heal you along the way back".

Well this sparked an argument between twinks, and the people there just for fun and trying to win the game.

I've played WoW since the day it was release, save my recent absence, and I understand better than anyone the importance of gear in PvP; however, I have also played more MMO's than most and understand basics concepts of PvP and individual skill.

A player with lower-than-normal HP for his battleground might look worthless at first, but if you immediately point that out without even letting this person prove their worth, then you have already seceded defeat before the game has started.

Now, granted this person had no way of knowing my flag running skills, but to just dismiss someone as such is, well, retarded.

I could have gotten into a e-peen contest with this person and cited my 1900+ arena team rating during Season 2, but what would that have done.

So here's my message to twinks...

Instead of filling your head with min / max stats and figures, why not try using some managerial leadership skills and put everyone in the correct seat on the bus. If you have a low HP person, then tell them to just heal, or stay on defense. Make use of them in some way, but don't discredit them for being there and therefore forfeit any help that person may have given the team.

If you want to be a solo-god, then go PUG in Counter-strike, that is no mentality for World of Warcraft Battlegrounds!

*sigh* I wish some of these wow PvP kiddies could have played the harsh days of Siege Perilous on Ultima Online, or even Darktide on Asheron's Call, but I digress... No Risk = Cocky Attitudes.

I come from a humbler time in PvP where you cherished any help you received; people banded together because they knew if they didn't they would be dog food to those that did, and all the gear, items, and gold they were caring were lost!

**Civic staggers away mumbling about walking uphill both ways in the snow**

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back on The Wagon

I know it has been a long time since my last post, so I have some explaining to do =P

Well, it all started during the Christmas break when my nephew came to visit and brought his computer and WoW with him. I don't know what it was about seeing it played again -- I played it 3 years before quitting -- but the nostalgia got to me. I went out and purchased WoTLK.

I had to create a new character since I don't have my old account. (don't ask =P)
I had to try some new name selections, as my old name was taken. I ended up with a gnome mage named Civic (I'm surprised it wasn't taken already).

I decided to actually work my professions this time, and raid more too. I took mining / engineering for the PvP possibilities, and of course the secondary professions Cooking, Fishing, and First Aide. I'm now level 22 and all 5 professions are 100+.

I haven't experienced much of the WoTLK content as I'm still leveling up my new character, but I have to say the added individualism presented through inscription is awesome! I think I spent too long in the 10-19 WSG casting Polymorph: Penguin (minor glyph).

So that is what I've been up to. I still have my EvE account set for training Cruiser V (20 days), but other than skill training, I've been spending most of my game time in WoW.

Well, that's all I've been up to, but I do have a rant about the attitude found in Battlegrounds, but that's to come later. I just wanted to give an update and let all two of my readers know that I'm still alive =P