Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Darkfall Online

I know I said I'm "taking a break", and that is true in the sense I'm not playing WoW anymore, and I only log into EvE to set training, but after reading about Darkfall Online since 2005, and it's now released...

I have read enough to know I am going to spend the next 5 years of my life PK'ing people en'mass in Darkfall! I have yearned for the days of Ultima Online, and it seems current MMOs have nothing but profit margins in mind and aim their titles towards soccer moms and mentally challenged earmuff people.

I respect the limited release, but damn, I wish I could get in there cause I'm one of the people that WILL be staying! I have the game client downloaded, and my CC info saved and ready to purchase as soon as more copies become available.

I'm currently prepping for the game by reading all PvP strats, and any general info I can get on the game; however, I have yet to find a clan to join. I am looking for a clan with Orks and Furries as I plan to be howling at people when I decapitate them. I know it goes without saying, but the clan must be PvP focused (it's Darkfall, durr). If anyone knows any clans looking for a quality old school PvP'er, then please let me know who to contact.

Heineken - UO - Chesapeake 1996-2000


Pera-pera said...

did you ever find a clan man? I'm old school pvper from catskills and I just saw this game and was amazed. finally no more carebear games for 12 year olds.

Keystone said...

Yeah, I found a clan for the EU release, and then a new clan for NA when my clan didn't transfer over.

I'm actually taking a break from all gaming except free uo server. I play there; it's fun to come home and run around dungeons murderering unsuspecting tamers, hehe.