Tuesday, March 20, 2007

...brrr, Michigan

I'm sorry for the lack of post as of late, I've been on vacation in Michigan; I must say it's very cold here compared to Texas.

I did get a chance to show my IRL Night Elf Druid friend how to use a 'normal' optical mouse instead of the mammoth trackball she normally uses. I think I've converted her after I set her macros to match my Druid's (found in a previous post that I'm too lazy to link; keep in mind I'm still on vacation).

I'm looking forward to leveling my Human Mage to level 70 soon, and to concentrate on none other than my Human Warlock after that. I've played all classes now, and I know I am a caster at heart, minus the Priest.

Speaking of Priest, the least played class in the game, I was at Gamestop and I noticed they were sold out of Mage pins, but they had at least 30 Priest pins, which restates the fact that it's the least played class and maybe needs more incentive to draw more players towards them.

Anyways, I'll have my Mage pin soon enough, maybe even as a commemorative pin to celebrate hitting level 70, which should be soon. I'll see you all when I get back to Texas...