Friday, December 29, 2006

Character Update

I figured I should bring everyone up to date on my characters since I've only mentioned them briefly thus far. I currently have the following characters on Sargeras: Alliance...

Keystone: 60 Human Mage
Haereticus: 60 Dwarf Paladin
Ocid: 49 Night Elf Druid
Phi: 36 Night Elf Hunter
Hyrukin: 29 Human Warlock
Hypnos: 21 Night Elf Priest

With the expansion just around the corner, I've decided to narrow my game play to less characters. I am going to shelve all my Alliance characters except for Keystone.

I will cycle rest with ONE other character; this character is going to be on Wildhammer: Horde...

Lockstone: Blood Elf Warlock

This will be my first 'serious' horde character that I'll level all the way, previous to this my highest level horde was a level 15 Shaman. I will add periodic post pertaining to my leveling of the new character. This will be my 4th Warlock because I never felt comfortable with my locks, and I think this is because they didn't have that evil feeling being on the Alliance side.

I just requested Friday, January 19th off from work. I know better than to request the release day; because of all the traffic, the chances of getting in the game are slim.
Anyone else re-rolling because of the expansion?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weekend Goal Achieved... sort of!

Well, I had originally set out to earn my Epic Tiger Mount & the Field Marshel Shoulders, which I pretty much acomplished. I did purchase my Epic Tiger Mount, and earned enough for the shoulders, but I decided to wait and buy the misc. epic gear instead; this gear includes the reputation ring, offhand, trinkets, etc.

The reason I'm buying these first is because I would like to maintain the "look" my mage currently has, which I find to be pretty unique compared to other mages. I have a black robe, with black hair, & black shoulders. I see most mages wearing the epic sets, which tend to contain bright colors, such as purple.

I figure I can gather some epic stats from rings, trinkets, & other non-visable wear, such as boots, and still maintain my "dark" appearance. I will post a picture of my mage in the near future.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The State of the Union Address: MMO's & Me!

I've been playing MMO's since 1996. I started with MUDs and quickly moved to Ultima Online. I still play Ultima Online today, but not nearly the 10 hours a day I put in when I was a teenager.

After my initial UO experience, I looked around for a different MMO to feed my need. I tried games such as, Anarchy Online, Everquest, Asheron's Call 1 & 2, Shadowbane, DAoC, Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix Online, Eve Online, City of Heroes, TSO, Neocron, World of Warcraft, etc etc etc...

I've pretty much tapped any mainstream MMO that's been put out. The strange thing about all this is that to this day I still find Ultima Online to be my favorite. Why you might ask?

The game Ultima Online had little restriction placed on the player's ability to make decisions. In Ultima Online, if you wanted a house by the lake (not in an instanced housing zone) then you could place a house on the lake and customize it from the ground up. If you wanted to player kill someone who had been stealing your kills, or just being an ass, then you could.

The possibilities in the Ultima Online "world" still surpass those of all the subsequent MMO's and their online "games".

I yearn for the day where I can play in a virtual world where the possibilities nearly mimic that of the place we call reality. The first step to achieving this dream is for game developers to start lifting restrictions that, to me at least, hinder the worldly-like atmosphere.

I understand the reason most restrictions are put into play are to prevent grieving and exploitation, but let players police those situations, not programmed game mechanics.

Take WoW for example, why can I not attack a member of my own faction if I so see fit? I should be able to attack the alliance hunter stealing my kills for being a dishonorable player. But then, you say, we would have PK's running rampant; however, this would not be the case if there was a penalty for the said action.

If I kill that hunter, even thou I was probably in the "right", I would have to suffer some consequences that the "players" would have to enforce. This would bring a worldly atmosphere that I haven't seen in an MMO since Ultima Online.

If any of this post has struck a nerve with you, or has captured your interest in anyway, then I urge you to check out a new game in development that is aiming to achieve the things I've mentioned in this post. The game is called Darkfall Online, and can be found at

Please go to that address and check out the F.A.Q. and you'll see what I think an MMO should be like. (whether the game lives up to its hype is a totally different matter)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Honor System

Since the release of the new patch, I've had my eyes on some of the PvP gear. I've noticed the Field Marshal Shoulders (epic) are only 12k honor, and would be a great replacement for my Thuzdin Mantle (rare).

I need to update and post my CTprofile on here, maybe this weekend. I basically have (3) Arcanist pieces, Nethwerwind Pants, & the Azuresong Mageblade. Other then those (5) pieces, everything else is a level 55+ (rare) item.

I am exalted with AV, so if I could save the money then I could purchase Don Julio's Band, & the Tome of Fiery Arcana, bringing my (epic) count to (7).

I have the mats for +30 Spell Power for my Mageblade, but I would much rather save the enchant for the GM staff, if I could ever save up 45k honor...

My goal for this weekend is to earn my FM Shoulders & the Black Tiger Mount. I'll let you know Monday if I reach that goal.


I have some thoughts on warriors from my mage perspective; I know every class has good & bad match ups, so it might just be that's why I view the warrior as underpowered. I've played a mage since release of the game and I've never had a warrior beat me in solo pvp. I see some tactics that work great against me, the mage, but they're not used by 90% of the warriors I run into, why?

Remember I've never played a warrior, so I know little about them; however, from my mage viewpoint I can give some insight on things that work against us. The #1 thing needed is a macro to /charge, then /hamstring. If you set a macro for this, then you can get the hamstring off before the mage blinks.

The #2 "tip from a mage" is to spam your charge as you are running towards a mage, since a good mage is spamming Counter Spell to prevent your charge. I can't tell you how many times I've CS'd a warrior running towards me and stopped his charge (since charge doesn't work in-combat, and CS puts the warrior in combat)

The #3 tip is to get some health potions, a warrior's health is a hard thing to take off, any added health during combat is devastating to your opponent.

The last tip, and how I don't how viable this is since I've never seen a warrior try this, is to bandage. I don't know how long the warrior's fear last since I usually just trinket out, but most mages don't wear their insignia so you should be able to get a full bandage off, correct?

To close this post, please take this advice lightly; I'm not trying to tell anyone how to play their class, especially a class I've never even played myself. I just want to help warriors out so they pose more of a challenge to a class they are so handicapped against.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Top Tier Talents

After the patch I looked at all the top tier talents for the mage. I ended up going with 41/10/0 since I was intrigued by the top tier Arcane talent, "Slow". I have to admit that I thought it would be more useful; don't get me wrong it's still a good talent.

It's pointless on warriors since you can CS their Charge and blink out of Intercept, which by that time they're dead anyways. It's a very nice counter to a rogue's crippling poison, but I never had much of a problem with rogues anyways.

It's best use I've seen so far is during WSG games; I'm able to keep the horde FC slowed long enough for the other Alliance to pounce him. I just don't feel like it has the power a 41 point talent should have, utility maybe, but not power...

I think I'm going to go 31/30/0 once I hit level 70 since the other top tier talents don't look all that fancy either. I've always wanted to go 31/30 anyways, but we'll see.

New Years Resolution?

I was going to make a New Year's Resolution to play less since I just purchased a new home and I should be doing home improvements in my free time instead of playing games. I thought about this and realized I would have to resort to writing about politics, and that's an open sore I'd rather leave bandaged.

I think I'll make my resolution the same as any standard U.S. citizen, and that is to work out, eat healthy, and quit smoking; however, this will all come to an end on January 16th when I'm eating powdered sugar donuts, drinking a redbull, and smoking a cigar while I level my Mage to 70.

I think, at least for now, I'll not set a resolution until February, then it's open season for change!

First Post

Hello everyone, I'm new to the blogger environment. I'm a 24 year old college student with a full time job. I'm off for the holidays so I thought it was the perfect time to start this endeavor.

I'm going to focus this blog on MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), but since World of Warcraft is my current poison, most post will pertain to WoW. I am a PvP'er, hence my server, Sargeras, is a PvP server.

I have two level 60's, a mage & a paladin. I also have a level 49 druid that I was going to leave at level 49 until the introduction of TREE FORM available as early as level, you guessed it, 50. As a young lad growing up in the mean streets of Goldshire I always dreamed of turning into a tree, so now I must level my druid to 50!

I would consider the mage my main character, even thou I created the paladin first. I will still post on all classes and general game content as this blog is not specific to any MMO, much less a given class.

I think that should about do it for my first post, if you've read this far then I thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you in the future.